things to know before accepting job

11 Things to Know Before Accepting That Job Offer

When you applied for the tech gig you’re now being offered, you couldn’t have been more excited. The job posting described your dream role, and the hiring manager who interviewed you was absolutely wonderful. Now that you’ve been offered the job, you’re racing to get your name on that contract. Before you do, however, take[…]

fte vs consulting position finances

Comparing Full-Time & Tech Consulting Offers Financially

Say that you’ve got two different job offers in front of you – one for a full-time tech position, and the other for a tech consulting gig. Do you know which one to choose? It’s a difficult choice, but comparing the two types of gigs by both their financial benefits and implications is one way[…]

choosing tech job

How to Choose Among Multiple Tech Job Offers

With today’s market, everyone would love to be in the enviable position of having multiple job offers. However, if you’re in the growing tech field, this may just be your reality. (You lucky duck, you.) So what do you do if you find yourself in this position? How do you decide which of the multiple[…]

counteroffer acceptance1

Why You Shouldn’t Accept A Counteroffer

After too many long days, and too much bickering among your team, you’ve decided to search for a new job. Of course, being the tech genius you are, you found yourself another gig no problem. It seems like it’ll be a good fit both for your skills and personality, and the benefits? Well, they’re stellar.[…]

tech consulting contract myths

IT Consulting Rates: 5 Myths About Contract Negotiation

For whatever reason, the steps to negotiating a technical contract are shrouded in mystery. No one seems to know what to do. Or, if they think they do know, they often make mistakes that harm their relationship with their employer. This is why we’re addressing the 5 most common myths about technical contract negotiation. We[…]

tech consulting contracts

Technical Consulting Contracts: The Three Types

If you’re considering becoming a technical consultant, you’ve probably already started poking around job sites to see what kinds of positions are available. While finding the job postings are easy, deciphering them tends to be more difficult. The language is far from straightforward, and the postings tend to be in shorthand without definition. As a[…]

tech position benefits package

Understanding A Technical Position’s Benefits Package

You’ve been searching, interviewing, and you’ve finally got an offer. You’re excited, and you should be! However, for many people, this excitement starts to wear off as they read the compensation package information. They ask, “What does that mean? Does that apply to me? Why would I need it?” There doesn’t need to be confusion.[…]

it consulting rates5

IT Consulting Rates: 3 Common Application Process Mistakes

“I didn’t get the job, and I don’t know why. Was I unqualified? No, that can’t be it. I met all of the requirements. Did my personality not fit the workplace? Maybe, but I’m charming. And I felt immediately at home, even joking around with some of the interviewers. Let’s put that one on the[…]

it consulting rates6

IT Consulting Rates: 2 Methods of Determining Your Market Value

We’ve all been there. It’s the night before the interview and you’re preparing your answers. You know that you’ve got to tackle the all important IT consulting rate question but you freeze. You’re a deer in the headlights thinking: “If I ask too much, maybe they won’t hire me. But I also don’t want to[…]

it consulting rates7

IT Consulting Rates: Three Types, Three Personalities

Just like Goldilocks had a choice between porridge that was too hot, too cold and just right, you too have a choice between three different IT consulting rates: low, fair and high. Each individual has their own personal preference for the type of consulting rate they take on, one that relates back to their skill[…]