fte vs consulting position finances

Comparing Full-Time & Tech Consulting Offers Financially

Say that you’ve got two different job offers in front of you – one for a full-time tech position, and the other for a tech consulting gig. Do you know which one to choose? It’s a difficult choice, but comparing the two types of gigs by both their financial benefits and implications is one way[…]

how tech consulting advances your career

6 Ways Technical Consulting Advances Your Career

When people first consider venturing into technical consulting, they weigh the pros and cons. The money they’ll make versus the lack of benefits. The starting of a new job every year versus corporate monotony. The one thing that technologists don’t often consider in these internal debates, however, is just how technical consulting advances your career.There[…]

why be a tech consultant

Is IT Consulting A Better Fit For You Than FTE?

You’ve got a stable, full-time technical job that you enjoy. You go to work, get paid and have both benefits and vacation time. There’s not much more you could ask for. But if you could ask for more, what would you want? More money? More variety? More time off? Would these things make your job[…]