choosing tech job

How to Choose Among Multiple Tech Job Offers

With today’s market, everyone would love to be in the enviable position of having multiple job offers. However, if you’re in the growing tech field, this may just be your reality. (You lucky duck, you.) So what do you do if you find yourself in this position? How do you decide which of the multiple[…]

Head in Hands

6 Ways to Blow the Tech Interview Before It Begins

You know the rules. Dress nicely. Be on time. Answer questions, but don’t speak too much. Never lie. Like I said, you know the rules of interviewing, the things that’ll automatically set you apart from the other candidates. While that’s great and all, none of this will save you if you make an initial bad[…]

how to run a scrum meeting

How to Run an Effective Scrum Meeting

The daily Scrum meeting, also known as the daily stand-up, is the daily meeting where your software development team gathers to provide project status updates about what has been done, what needs to be done, and where there are issues. In theory, these meetings are supposed to help the team communicate and produce a better[…]

remote teams

How to Manage Your Virtual Tech Team

The idea of being part of a virtual team is something that many technologists embrace. However, those same people often shudder at the idea of managing such a team. They imagine worst-case scenarios with missed deadlines, lazy developers, and failed projects. Is managing a remote team as bad at they imagine it though? Not necessarily.[…]

become a better it consultant

5 Steps to Becoming a Competitive Tech Consultant

In any field, you want to be the best. The question, however, is how you become that. If you’re in sports, it may be that running those extra five miles a day gives you a competitive advantage. But what about technical consulting? How do you become a competitive contractor, someone who is one of the[…]

how to attract top tech talent

How to Attract Top Tech Talent

As the tech industry continues to grow in 2013, competition is fierce for the best of the best technical talent. If you’re one of those individuals, you’re golden and your prospects are endless. Congratulations! If you’re on the other side of the table though, looking to hire this kind of individual, things are looking a[…]