how to run a scrum meeting

How to Run an Effective Scrum Meeting

The daily Scrum meeting, also known as the daily stand-up, is the daily meeting where your software development team gathers to provide project status updates about what has been done, what needs to be done, and where there are issues. In theory, these meetings are supposed to help the team communicate and produce a better[…]

how to measure agile development

How to Measure Agile Development

There’s the right way to do something … and then there’s the wrong way. Unfortunately, measuring agile development is often approached in the latter method. Too many managers measure the development of an Agile project through lines of code produced or through team velocity without realizing that these measurements lead to negative consequences. In order[…]


Agile & Waterfall Methodologies – A Side-By-Side Comparison

There’s a saying that goes “there’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Fortunately for cats everywhere, we’re not going to skin one. We’re simply applying this logic to software development. There are several ways to develop software, two of the most prominent methods being waterfall and Agile. And as anytime there are two[…]

secure development agile environment

Secure Development in an Agile Environment

Water and oil. Cats and dogs. Secure development and Agile environments.Everyone knowsthese things don’t mix. While the first two pairings are obvious, the later may need some explaining.  The reason that secure development and Agile methodology don’t mix is that the later hurts the former. Agile is focused on rapid and frequent deliveries with changing business[…]