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Base36 LogoBase36 is an IT staffing and technical consulting firm based in Maine, but don’t be confused, we’re not your run-of-the-mill staffing firm. We’re a full-fledged tech company, one that offers recruiting, consulting and outsourcing services to some of Northern New England’s leading enterprise organizations.

And the technical professionals who work with Base36? They’re far from average too. Only 4.5% of applicants pass our rigorous two-part interview process. We’re committed to bringing only the best, the most committed, the most passionate of technical professionals on board.

And that philosophy? It’s exactly why we’ve been so successful. Since 1998, we’ve placed hundreds of technologists with over a 90% success rate, as well as developed a variety of software products.

So, whether you’re a technical professional with a hunger to advance your career, or a hiring manager who’s looking for a brilliant Project Manager, check out our site. Learn about our processes, and whether or not we’re the smart solution for your particular IT staffing and technical consulting needs.


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