Our goal at Base36 is to simplify your life. So whether your IT staffing needs are short or long term, don’t worry. We have you covered with these services.


consultingWe bring in technical consultants to serve your immediate short-term technical needs. We can help wrestle Apache with you for 8 hours, or help your team build your next big .NET application for over 6 months.



recruitingThere are times when you’re looking for that perfect technical and interpersonal match, someone who will be with your organization for years, innovating and helping your company to grow. With our technical expertise, we are able to find you that best-fit full-time technical employee.



outsourcingWe can provide you with a competitive software development team, one that will have no trouble tackling even the most challenging of projects. Simply describe your project idea, and our team will take the project from the initial bid through development and testing until you’re happy with the final product. Read more about this service here.


While each company’s service needs vary, one thing remains the same – we provide you with only the best of the best consultants, full-time employees of alcohol detox los Angeles
, or software development teams.

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