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What is a Scripting Language?

Hello (again) world! We’ve returned to blogging with a fun and thought provoking article by our Guest Blogger Dave Gosselin. Dave is a C++ Engineer and keeps his own blog: Software Engineer’s Field Guide to Bugs. In this piece, Dave has taken the time to ponder the definition of a scripting language. We hope you’ll enjoy[…]

8 Ways to Be Happier at Work

8 Tips for Happier Work Days

Summertime. The sun’s shining, the weather’s warm, and you’d rather be anywhere but sitting at your desk and working. During these summer months, it’s easy to be frustrated, and even a little bit irritable at work. To cope with your coworkers’ potential bad attitude, and to prevent yourself from presenting one, here’s a list of[…]

things to know before accepting job

11 Things to Know Before Accepting That Job Offer

When you applied for the tech gig you’re now being offered, you couldn’t have been more excited. The job posting described your dream role, and the hiring manager who interviewed you was absolutely wonderful. Now that you’ve been offered the job, you’re racing to get your name on that contract. Before you do, however, take[…]

taking a tech promotion

Stop & Think: Should You Really Take That Promotion?

Congratulations! Your company’s [finally!] recognized your technical brilliance, hard work, and dedication; they’re offering you that promotion. Well done! You’re flattered, I’m sure. However, before you take that promotion, stop and think about it. Is taking it the right step for your career or the best thing for your personal growth? Asking yourself these six[…]

tech interview mistakes

5 Common Complaints About How You Answer Interview Questions

We’ve been hearing whispers lately. Whispers that too few tech professionals know how to answer interview questions. It’s not that they don’t have good answers, or don’t have the technical expertise to know what they’re talking about. They do. It’s that they’re making other mistakes when answering them. We address five of the biggest problem[…]

tech career in maine

Can I Have a Tech Career in Maine?

The past weekend in Maine was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining. It was hot, but not suffocatingly so. All in all, it was a great weekend for outdoor activities, and to get away from it all. If you tech professionals from “away” had the pleasure of experiencing this beautiful weekend and dreaded heading back[…]