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Can I Have a Tech Career in Maine?

The past weekend in Maine was absolutely beautiful. The sun was shining. It was hot, but not suffocatingly so. All in all, it was a great weekend for outdoor activities, and to get away from it all. If you tech professionals from “away” had the pleasure of experiencing this beautiful weekend and dreaded heading back[…]

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Why You Should Consider Technical Consulting Jobs in Maine and New Hampshire

How many of you have vacationed in Maine or New Hampshire? A show of hands, please? Okay. That’s the overwhelming majority of you. Let’s try this again. How many of you have vacationed in one of these two locations and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to live here?’ Show of hands? Again, that’s the overwhelming[…]

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Considering Northern New England for Technical Positions?

The tech industry is growing everywhere, and Northern New England is no exception. Companies in this region are constantly searching for new talent, and are hoping to draw in talented technical experts from other regions of the country. Are you currently considering making that move? Not sure what to expect? Don’t worry. We’ve assembled a[…]

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Top 10 Things To Do in New Hampshire

Continuing our series of blog posts celebrating everything Northern New England has to offer. Our technical consulting company may be based in Maine, but we serve all of Northern New England. At this point, you may be thinking, “Wait a second. What actually constitutes Northern New England? Isn’t it just Maine?” Well, while Maine is[…]

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Northern New England: Sports Teams

New England sports fans are known for being a little … intense. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Patriots, the Red Sox, the Celtics ce broker Florida, or the Bruins; we’re known for scheduling our lives around their games and for having an emotional wellbeing that sways with the scoreboard. In short, New England fans[…]

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New England Events: The Maine Lobster Festival

We are an IT staffing and technical consulting company, but we’re proud of the fact that we’re a Northern New England IT staffing and technical consulting company. In fact, we’re so pumped about our regional heritage that we decided to start a new series of blog posts that celebrates the Northern New England area. And[…]

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New England Tech Jobs: Resilient and Growing

As the job market continues to pick up more steam from the 2008 downturn, many savvy job seekers have noted that the tech market has recovered much more quickly than the overall market. This March, NASDAQ reached its highest point in 11 years, while tech companies like Facebook and Twitter are dominating headlines. Across the[…]