Why You Should Consider Technical Consulting Jobs in Maine and New Hampshire

tech consulting in maine and new hampshireHow many of you have vacationed in Maine or New Hampshire? A show of hands, please? Okay. That’s the overwhelming majority of you. Let’s try this again. How many of you have vacationed in one of these two locations and thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be nice to live here?’ Show of hands? Again, that’s the overwhelming majority. That’s exactly what I thought.

You see, while many people dream of living in Maine or New Hampshire, they don’t think that it’s possible. They simply don’t think that there are enough jobs. Guess what? They’re wrong. There are a number of large enterprises in these two states, organizations which can’t hire technologists fast enough. The consultant market, in addition to Northern New England’s corporate culture and quality of life, make Maine and New Hampshire great places to work as a technical consultant.



5 Reasons to Consider Technical Consulting in Maine and New Hampshire.

1) Interesting Work in Nationally Recognized Companies

When you think of Maine and New Hampshire technical consulting opportunities, do you think of small mom and pop IT firms? While there are certainly some of those around, there are also a number (no fewer than 12) of nationally recognized companies with offices in Northern New England. Idexx, Unum, L.L. Bean, TD Bank, and Liberty Mutual are just a few of these organizations.

If you’re afraid that moving to Maine or New Hampshire from Boston or NYC means that you’re giving up working in a large enterprise environment, you don’t need to worry. These nationally recognized companies are constantly looking for new technical talent in Northern New England. Don’t believe me? Just check their job boards, or contact a local technical recruiter. By moving to Maine or New Hampshire, you don’t have to stop working for top tier companies or stop solving their interesting technical problems. You just get to do it from a new location.


2) Northern New England Work Culture

If you’re working in Boston or New York City, you’re probably used to working long hours. From personal acquaintance with technical consultants in those two metros, we know that many of you are putting in 12+ hour days on a regular basis.

That doesn’t happen in Maine and New Hampshire. Technologists in these areas are committed to their jobs and work hard during their days. They’re not much different than you. However, where they diverge is in the number of hours they work in a week. They are more likely to be working the 40-hour week than a similar technologist in Boston or NYC. Companies in Maine and New Hampshire understand and respect a work-life balance.


3) A More Casual Dress Code

How much money do you spend on those expensive work clothes? Way too much, right? While in Boston and NYC, you have to dress to the nines when going to work. That’s not the case in Maine and New Hampshire.

While Northern New England technical consultants don’t take their work any less seriously, they do dress a little bit more casually. No suits. Slacks and a tie or dresses are rare. Khakis and button-downs or blouses are the norm for technical consultants in Maine and New Hampshire. Organizations in Northern New England understand the importance of taking work seriously, but being comfortable while doing so.


4) The Commute Time.

Have you ever been sitting in traffic or on the subway, thinking about how much time you waste commuting to and from work? It’s frustrating, right? 32 minutes one way if you’re in NYC. 28 minutes if you’re in Boston. That’s almost an hour a day, 5 hours a week, that you lose just commuting to and from work. In Maine or New Hampshire, you can cut that time in half. That means two and a half more hours a week for leisure time. Think about all that you can do in that extra time. It’s appealing, right?


5) Quality of Life

While the other four reasons to consider being a technical consultant in Maine or New Hampshire relied on work, the last reason you should consider the change comes down to your quality of life.  

In Maine and New Hampshire you get to:

1) Spend more time outside. When you get out of work, have you ever just wanted to go for a hike? Go sailing? In NYC or Boston, you can head to the local park to get your outdoors fix but going skiing, exploring in the woods, or heading to a local beach aren’t realistic options. In Maine and New Hampshire, they are. As a technical consultant in Northern New England, being outside can become a larger part of your life, and not just something that you do on the weekends.

2) Lower Cost of Living. How much are you spending on rent? Your car insurance? That ice cream cone? No matter if you think that you’re getting a good deal for your area, the prices for these commodities are less in Maine and New Hampshire. Your living expenses will decrease when you move to Northern New England.

3) Comparable Offerings. Cities like Portsmouth and Portland offer much of the same thing as Boston or NYC. In Maine and New Hampshire, you can find performing art, museums, professional sports teams, restaurants, and universities that are nationally recognized. In Northern New England, you get many of the offerings of the larger cities without the traffic or crime.

In Maine and New Hampshire, you get the tech consulting maine new hampshirebest of both worlds. You get to work in nationally recognized companies with challenging technical problems. In addition to this, you get a high quality of living. You know that you’ve really always wanted to move to Maine or New Hampshire anyways. Why not actually do it? The market IS in your favor …

Why did you become, or why are you considering becoming, a technical consultant in Maine or New Hampshire? Let us know in the comments section below, or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

Thanks to pfly and Bruce Tuten for the use of their respective photographs.