qa interview questions

QA Interview Questions

So you’ve got a QA Interview coming up, huh? Congratulations! Since you’re reading this post, I’m going to bet that you’re doing all the pre-interview prep: researching the company, getting your outfit dry-cleaned, and coming up with interview question answers. Great. We’ve got 10 popular QA interview questions and answers below to help you prepare.[…]

test automation tools

3 Popular Test Automation Tools You Should Be Using

Whenever you’re developing software, you need to test for defects. Manually testing these projects though is time consuming, and far from being fail-proof; bugs will often pop up later on sections you’ve already tested. So what’s a development team to do? It’s simple really. Beyond consistent testing, software development teams should bring automated testing tools[…]

new england tech jobs

New England Tech Jobs: Resilient and Growing

As the job market continues to pick up more steam from the 2008 downturn, many savvy job seekers have noted that the tech market has recovered much more quickly than the overall market. This March, NASDAQ reached its highest point in 11 years, while tech companies like Facebook and Twitter are dominating headlines. Across the[…]