qa interview questions

QA Interview Questions

So you’ve got a QA Interview coming up, huh? Congratulations! Since you’re reading this post, I’m going to bet that you’re doing all the pre-interview prep: researching the company, getting your outfit dry-cleaned, and coming up with interview question answers. Great. We’ve got 10 popular QA interview questions and answers below to help you prepare.[…]

telecommuting right for me

Is Telecommuting Right For You?

While the idea of working from home is appealing, it isn’t right for everyone. Some people thrive on the ability to work independently, without a commute. Others, however, need the structure. They need to see people each and every day. If you’re considering a telecommute option, ask yourself these questions first to determine whether you[…]

how to tell your team you're leaving

How to Tell Your Team That You’re Taking a New Job

Thinking about looking for a new gig? Have a new gig? These life changes can be exciting, until you think about breaking the news to your current employer. How exactly do you go about that? How exactly do you go about telling your team that you’re leaving them? While it’s never easy, we’ve got some[…]

vulnerable tech team members

Who’s the Most Snipeable Person on Your Tech Team?

Imagine this: You’ve been managing a tech team for five years now. It’s taken some time, but you’ve finally gotten the dream team together. Imagined? Okay. Now, do you ever wake up in the middle of the night, worrying that your carefully chosen team will disperse? That some of your key players will leave when[…]

Why you're not getting the job

Why You’re Not Getting the Tech Gig

With the tech sector growing, it seems that you can get a tech job just about anywhere. Keyword though: seems. Even with this market, it can be difficult to land a role. Make sure that you’re not making it any more difficult by doing these 11 things.   11 Reasons Why You’re Not Landing the[…]

fte vs consulting position finances

Comparing Full-Time & Tech Consulting Offers Financially

Say that you’ve got two different job offers in front of you – one for a full-time tech position, and the other for a tech consulting gig. Do you know which one to choose? It’s a difficult choice, but comparing the two types of gigs by both their financial benefits and implications is one way[…]

tech leadership styles

Tech Managers: What’s Your Leadership Style?

As a tech manager, it may seem like you either have an effective or ineffective leadership style. According to Daniel Goleman, however, it’s a bit more complicated than that. In a 2000 Harvard Business Review Study, he explained that there are actually six different leadership styles, all of which affect corporate climates differently. As we[…]

linkedin etiquette

6 Rules of LinkedIn Etiquette

It’s no secret that LinkedIn is a great resource for tech professionals who are looking for a new gig, or simply trying to strengthen their professional network. What does seem to be a secret, however, is that, when used incorrectly, LinkedIn can actually harm your professional reputation. Since we’re sure you don’t want to do[…]