telecommuting right for me

Is Telecommuting Right For You?

While the idea of working from home is appealing, it isn’t right for everyone. Some people thrive on the ability to work independently, without a commute. Others, however, need the structure. They need to see people each and every day. If you’re considering a telecommute option, ask yourself these questions first to determine whether you[…]

remote teams

How to Manage Your Virtual Tech Team

The idea of being part of a virtual team is something that many technologists embrace. However, those same people often shudder at the idea of managing such a team. They imagine worst-case scenarios with missed deadlines, lazy developers, and failed projects. Is managing a remote team as bad at they imagine it though? Not necessarily.[…]

how to attract top tech talent

How to Attract Top Tech Talent

As the tech industry continues to grow in 2013, competition is fierce for the best of the best technical talent. If you’re one of those individuals, you’re golden and your prospects are endless. Congratulations! If you’re on the other side of the table though, looking to hire this kind of individual, things are looking a[…]

reasons to allow telecommuting

5 Reasons to Allow Your Technical Team to Telecommute

As a technical manager, are you for or against telecommuting? If you’re the latter, the kind that’s against telecommuting, you probably have your reasons. Most likely, you’re having nightmares of your stellar team sitting in front of the TV and napping all day, instead of getting the project out on time. Am I right? That’s[…]

telecommuting success

10 Tips for Telecommuting Successfully

Most people love the idea of telecommuting and who can blame them? I certainly can’t. Rolling  out of bed, throwing on a pot of coffee and starting work sounds a lot more appealing than putting on business clothes, sitting in traffic, and working in a cubicle all day. Or is that just me? I didn’t[…]