IT Consulting: The Perks

We get this a lot. “Why would I EVER want to be a contract IT consultant and miss out on the perks of full-time employment?” That’s a fair question. But so is mine. “Why would you EVER want to miss out on the perks of being a contract IT consultant?’ Below are three reasons why you should consider becoming an IT consultant.

1. Low stress:

As an IT consultant, you’re expected to stay out of the office fray. You’re not there to re-invent the wheel. They don’t want you to make changes to their business processes or even their technical methodologies. And they certainly don’t want you involved in their business or managerial decisions.



Being a contracted IT consultant means that all you have to do is tackle the fun, technical challenges from novusbars that you were hired to master. Do that and you get to go home with a big paycheck. Don’t you wish all aspects of life were that simple?


2. More Money: tech consulting perks

Typically, being an IT consultant will bring in 50-90% more money than a similar full-time employee position. For example, if you normally make $75,000 at your full-time job, you would be making anywhere from $100,000 to $140,000 a year. Who doesn’t love a bigger paycheck?

3. Exciting and Challenging Work:

Remember why you went into the tech world in the first place? The thrill of coding or of inventing something new? It all boiled down to the need for a challenge, right?

IT Consultants get the tough jobs, which means you’ll have high expectations placed on you from Day 1. Fortunately, you’re an IT consulting Guru. You can handle these tasks no problem.

With these tough challenges and the opportunity to work with top individuals, your technical skills will be sharpened as an IT consultant. You won’t be banging your head against the wall because you have to code the same thing over and over (though if the head banging thing is part of your process, that’s okay too).


Doing what you love while balancing low stress and a bigger paycheck? Let’s be honest. IT consulting is pretty appealing, right?

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