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How To Build A Relationship With Your Technical Recruiter

It’s Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to relationships. A day where you make an extra special effort to put your best foot forward with your special someone. A day about making that relationship even better. So that’s why, today, we’re offering a relationship how-to guide. I know what you’re thinking, “How can a technical recruiting[…]

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Not actively looking for a job? Still talk to a technical recruiter.

If you’re reading this, a technical recruiter has probably recently reached out to you even though you’re not actively searching for a job. What’s more is that you’re probably also wondering whether or not you should respond to their message. If both of the above are true, this means that, somewhere in your mind, you’re[…]

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Advice About Phone Interviews From a Technical Recruiting Firm

Technical consultants, I know you want to find the perfect technical consulting contract. I also know that you want to make a good impression. So why do you keep making these same, simple interview mistakes? And, just for the record, when I say simple, I really mean it. I’m not talking about the right or[…]

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Technical Recruiters: Why They Do (or Don’t) Like You

Without a technical recruiter, your life goes a little something like this: Blindly search for a technical consulting contract while you balance combing job postings, your current contract, and personal life. Seems a bit daunting, doesn’t it? This whole process can be made much easier with a technical recruiter. While you’re off spending time at[…]

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IT Recruiting Timeline

Don’t you wish there was an ‘Easy Button’ for life? I mean, really, think of all the things that could happen. Automatic solutions to technical problems. 5 second commutes. IT consulting positions coming at you left and right. The possibilities are endless.   While those of us at Base36 can’t offer you an easy button,[…]

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Technical Recruiters: How to Get on Their Short List

You’ve done your research. You’ve found the perfect IT recruiting firm. Score! What happens next though? How do you reach your goals? At the end of the day, the answer boils down to forming a strong business relationship with your recruiter. But does this mean you sit back and passively wait for a job? Do[…]

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Technical Recruiting Firms: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It may have been released in 1967, but everyone knows about the movie, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” But, just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Wikipedia will summarize it for you; “The plot revolves around three gunslingers competing to find a fortune in buried Confederate gold amid the violent chaos[…]

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Technical Consulting: Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

The interview process can be nerve wracking. You want to make a good impression and say the right things. Oftentimes though, in concentrating so much on your answers, you forget to make a mental list of your own questions. We’ve got your problem solved. Here are a list of the questions you need to ask[…]

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Technical Consulting: A Case Study in Honesty

The 4th of July is a mere two days away. Therefore, it’s time to celebrate our nation’s history and founding fathers. In honor of one of those men, George Washington, I’m going to give you a case study about the best practice of honesty.  While a recruiter won’t ask you if you’ve recently chopped down[…]

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Technical Consulting: Simple Truths for a Better Contract

Today we’re going back to the basics. Like things you learned in preschool. And yes, I’m talking about when you were 4 years old. You’re probably asking, “How do simple childhood truths relate back to technical consulting?” It’s easy. Over the past ten years, our recruiters have come to realize that people often forget the[…]