Technical Consulting: A Case Study in Honesty

The 4th of July is a mere two days away. Therefore, tech consulting honestyit’s time to celebrate our nation’s history and founding fathers. In honor of one of those men, George Washington, I’m going to give you a case study about the best practice of honesty. 

While a recruiter won’t ask you if you’ve recently chopped down a cherry tree, they will ask you about your skills. The following case study exemplifies why it is so important to tell your recruiters the truth about your abilities. In doing so, your recruiters will trust you more, deploy you at every opportunity and will help you to get a better contract. All in all, you’ll win.


Honesty: The Case Study 

A few weeks ago, our company was made aware of a hands-on Agile QA tester contract. In so many ways, this contract was perfect for ‘Morgan,’ a potential candidate. The problem? When asked, she truthfully explained that while she did have performance testing experience, she was not overly familiar with Agile. As she was not a good fit for this position, we did not put her forth as a candidate. 

Sad story, right? 


A week later, a performance testing contract emerged and our recruiter called her immediately. Because she was willing to tell her recruiter the truth about her skills, a trusting relationship had been established. We put her forth as a candidate to the company, she was offered the position and we will redeploy her at every opportunity.


The Takeaway:

While some people may tell you to stretch the truth about your skills on a job interview, don’t. If you are honest, like George Washington, you’ll be remembered for it. And while being remembered is great and all, gaining both a contract that fits you and the trust of the people who will redeploy you is even better. Tell the truth about your skills – you’ll make out better every time. 


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