tech position benefits package

Understanding A Technical Position’s Benefits Package

You’ve been searching, interviewing, and you’ve finally got an offer. You’re excited, and you should be! However, for many people, this excitement starts to wear off as they read the compensation package information. They ask, “What does that mean? Does that apply to me? Why would I need it?” There doesn’t need to be confusion.[…]

finance management

Managing Finances As a Technical Consultant

You’ve decided to become a technical consultant. Congratulations! Not only does this mean more challenging work and less stress, it also means a bigger paycheck. Yay! As a technical consultant, you’ll be making 50-90% more money than a similar full-time employee. While you might assume that this increase equates to expensive cars, travel, and vacation homes,[…]

tech consulting contract myths

5 Myths Every IT Consultant Should Know Are False

Do the names Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman ring a bell? They’re the hosts of the popular Discovery Channel Show, “MythBusters,” the series that claims “The Challenge is simple. Pick a myth and then test it.” These two men investigate the absurd myths we hear and let viewers know whether or not there’s truth behind[…]

1099 w2 corp-corp

Technical Consulting Taxes: W2, Corp-Corp, 1099

It may not be tax season but, when you’re a technical consultant, you need to be constantly aware of your tax relationship with your client company. Doing so allows you to optimize on potential benefits as well as ensures that you know your tax requirements. On the surface, the three consulting tax relationship types (W2,[…]