test automation tools

3 Popular Test Automation Tools You Should Be Using

Whenever you’re developing software, you need to test for defects. Manually testing these projects though is time consuming, and far from being fail-proof; bugs will often pop up later on sections you’ve already tested. So what’s a development team to do? It’s simple really. Beyond consistent testing, software development teams should bring automated testing tools[…]

deadline management1

5 Reasons You’re Failing to Meet Your Project Deadline

In a perfect world, as soon as you planned your tech project, you’d be golden. There wouldn’t be other problems. Unfortunately, we aren’t living in a perfect world. Things don’t go according to plan. That’s why, even if you’ve planned your tech project perfectly, it can still fail to meet deadlines. What a bummer. If[…]

key team member leaving1

How To Handle A Key Team Member Leaving At A Critical Project Point

You know that moment when everything is going so well on your project, that you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop? For some major catastrophe? Something that will totally blow this sprint, and the project schedule? An example of such a moment is when you’re several weeks out from delivering on a project[…]

counteroffer acceptance1

Why You Shouldn’t Accept A Counteroffer

After too many long days, and too much bickering among your team, you’ve decided to search for a new job. Of course, being the tech genius you are, you found yourself another gig no problem. It seems like it’ll be a good fit both for your skills and personality, and the benefits? Well, they’re stellar.[…]

technical recruiters3

How To Build A Relationship With Your Technical Recruiter

It’s Valentine’s Day. A day dedicated to relationships. A day where you make an extra special effort to put your best foot forward with your special someone. A day about making that relationship even better. So that’s why, today, we’re offering a relationship how-to guide. I know what you’re thinking, “How can a technical recruiting[…]

information architects

Information Architects: What They Do & Why You Need Them

The poor Information Architects. They’re so misunderstood. You see, even though their profession wasn’t far behind the development of the World Wide Web, people still don’t seem to know what IAs do. Or, if they do know about Information Architects, people still don’t seem to understand why IAs are needed. See? Misunderstood. Today, we’ll try[…]