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5 Reasons You’re Failing to Meet Your Project Deadline

In a perfect world, as soon as you planned your tech project, you’d be golden. There wouldn’t be other problems. Unfortunately, we aren’t living in a perfect world. Things don’t go according to plan. That’s why, even if you’ve planned your tech project perfectly, it can still fail to meet deadlines. What a bummer. If[…]

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How To Handle A Key Team Member Leaving At A Critical Project Point

You know that moment when everything is going so well on your project, that you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop? For some major catastrophe? Something that will totally blow this sprint, and the project schedule? An example of such a moment is when you’re several weeks out from delivering on a project[…]

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Failing IT project? Get it back on track!

You’ve just realized that your project is failing. That it isn’t going to be on time or within budget. That you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. There’s that sinking feeling, and then the panic sets in. But, before you start breathing into a brown paper bag, take a second. It might not be[…]

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10 Signs Your IT Project Is Failing

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a blog post entitled “7 Reasons IT Projects Fail.”  If you read it (which you should, by the way), you know exactly why IT projects fail and how to prevent them from doing so. While that’s great and all, it doesn’t help you to spot a failing IT[…]

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7 Reasons IT Projects Fail

Failure. No one likes it, and everyone tries to avoid it. Unfortunately, it’s been a popular topic of discussion in several tech savvy LinkedIn groups in the past several weeks. People keep asking, “How do I stop a failing IT project?” Before a technical manager can figure out how to stop a failing project prevent[…]