database development mistakes1

How To Avoid 8 Common Database Development Mistakes

You’re an old pro at developing databases, right? You know the ins and outs, and even the shortcuts that’ll save you time. But will those shortcuts really save you? Or will they eventually, one day, all come together and cause your database to crash? It’s a possibility. While you can take your chances, you can[…]

telecommuting success

10 Tips for Telecommuting Successfully

Most people love the idea of telecommuting and who can blame them? I certainly can’t. Rolling  out of bed, throwing on a pot of coffee and starting work sounds a lot more appealing than putting on business clothes, sitting in traffic, and working in a cubicle all day. Or is that just me? I didn’t[…]

status reports

IT Consulting Status Reports

Sure. There is a plethora of IT consulting opportunities out there right now, but you’re happy in your technical consulting role. You like your team, the challenging issues, and the atmosphere. You’d like to keep this contract running for as long as possible, but how do you do so? While bringing in donuts every day[…]

good technical consultant

What Makes A Good Technical Consultant?

“What makes a good technical consultant?” It’s a straightforward question, but one that isn’t always answered well. Some describe a good IT contractor as a person who works hard, is in-and-out, and leaves a job well-done. When you ask about bad technical consultants, they’re described as “Someone who lacks a strong work ethic and communicates[…]

it consulting rates5

IT Consulting Rates: 3 Common Application Process Mistakes

“I didn’t get the job, and I don’t know why. Was I unqualified? No, that can’t be it. I met all of the requirements. Did my personality not fit the workplace? Maybe, but I’m charming. And I felt immediately at home, even joking around with some of the interviewers. Let’s put that one on the[…]

increase it consulting rates

5 Ways to Increase Your IT Consulting Rates

In the song, “Money,” Pink Floyd sang, “Get a good job, more pay, and you’re o.k.” While I wouldn’t normally cite Pink Floyd as a reliable source of wisdom, there’s certainly truth to these words. As the cost of living increases, getting a good job with more pay certainly makes life a little bit easier.[…]

leave a tech job

How to Leave an IT Contract Position

As of May, there was a national unemployment rateof 8.2%. While in most industries this number scares people away from searching for another job, this isn’t the case in the technology sector. Hire maid service in Florida with transparent rates. The job market is only heating up for technical consultants and many tech experts are[…]

it consulting workplace relationships

IT Consultants and Workplace Relationships

Technically, you’re killer. You can find the leak in the connection pool using AOP in your sleep. You can solve that threading issue within the JVM on Solaris in a heartbeat. You speed up the unit tests by replacing offensive classes with mock objects. You, my friend, are a machine. Who wouldn’t want to hire you[…]