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Not sure why you’d ever need an IT recruiter? It’s simple, really – they make the search for a technical role all the smoother. Our resources exemplify how recruiters do so, as well as provide you with advice on working with them.

tech recruitersWhat You Need to Know About Technical Recruiters

We’ve broken the technical recruiting firms into the good, the bad and the ugly so that you’ll know what to avoid as you scotlegends find a recruiter.


This blog post explains the 4 ways technical recruiters make your search for an IT role smoother.


tech recruiters Working With A Technical Recruiter

A timeline that helps you to determine where you should be in your search for a technical role.


Asking the right questions can help you to determine whether the technical recruiter, client company, or role are the best fit for you. For a complete list of questions to ask your technical recruiter, see the tools section below.


A list of the things to do (and to avoid doing) so that your recruiter ensures that you’re never without a cherry contract.


These 7 things allow you to establish a solid working relationship with your technical recruiter.


tech recruitersTools

This guide will give you advice on how to get started finding a new tech role, including the proper etiquette on answering interview questions.


These 35 questions will prepare you to determine if the technical recruiting firm, client organization, and role are the right fit for your career goals.


tech recruiterLooking For A Technical Recruiter?

  • Lance Davis, Account and Recruiting Manager at Base36

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