Four Reasons Technical Consultants Need A Technical Recruiter

Are you a technical consultant? Yes? Great. Do you have a technical recruiter? No? How’s that going?

Isn’t not that you can’t go through the technical recruiting process without a technical recruiter. You can. It’s just that the process is made a little more stressful and a little less effective. Without a technical recruiter, you balance the job search with your current job, risk finding yourself between gigs, and trolling the same job posting boards as everyone else. None of this is true if you have a technical recruiter. Today’s blog post lists four reasons why an IT consultant should consider contacting a technical recruiter.



1.    With a technical recruiter, you don’t have to waste your time on the job search.

Think about how long your last job search took why you need a technical recruiteryou. Weeks? Months? How much time did this take away from your personal life? Your current role?

With a technical recruiter, you don’t have to worry about losing large portions of your time to the search. You’ll be able to concentrate on doing the heads-down technical work that you love. While you’re working on the newest technology for company x, your recruiter will be busy, finding roles, submitting your resume, and putting in a good word for you. Imagine how much time it would take you to do that. Technical recruiters make your life easy.


2.    With a technical recruiter, there is added job security.

Many consultants find that having a technical recruiter adds to their job security. If you speak with your technical recruiter six to eight weeks before the end of your current contract, they’ll, more likely than not, have a position lined up for you when you’re done. Technical recruiters understand the submittal and interview process so that you won’t have any downtime.

There is a degree of job security in having someone watching out for other opportunities while you’re on the clock. If you’re trying to juggle the job search with your current position, you may not have a chance to check the job boards on a daily basis. You’ll lose out on opportunities, as well as throw off the role location, resume submittal, and interview timeline. If this happens, there is a good chance for downtime, and lost wages, between contracts. Technical recruiters help prevent this.


3.    With a technical recruiter, you won’t have to deal with as many insurance and legal fees.

In order to conduct business, many large firms require both legal paperwork and significant insurance coverage from a consultant. The fees for these two requirements add up quickly. Consulting firms help defray the costs, leading to a net gain for everyone involved.

Trying to get by without a technical recruiter in this situation is difficult. Not only do they help defray the costs, they also help speed up the process. They process that  insurance and legal paperwork on a daily basis, and do so quickly. Without their help, you’ll be spending hours on paperwork and thousands of dollars on advice, while still trying to work your current role. That sounds exhausting. 


4.    With a technical recruiter, you’ll find out about unposted opportunities.

A recruiter’s job is to learn about the companies in the area, who the hiring managers are, and what technical roles are open. The networking necessitated by the first two aspects of their job allows technical recruiters to learn about unposted roles. Unposted positions are gold mines! Because no one knows about them, few are applying to them, and, as a result, those who are applying have a higher chance of getting the role.

If you don’t have a technical recruiter, you’ll never be able to apply for these unposted positions. You simply won’t know that they exist.  Instead, you’ll be competing against hundreds of people for those few roles posted on job boards. Technical consultants with a recruiter will be competing against a handful of candidates. Don’t those odds sound better?
You can go through the technical consulting application process without a technical recruiter. However, doing so is much more difficult than if you were to have such an individual in your life. Lacking a technical recruiter, you’ll spend hours applying to job postings where you compete against hundreds of other candidates. With a technical recruiter? You won’t have to search for the job or spend hundreds of dollars on legal and insurance fees. You’ll have an increased sense of job security as you find out about unposted opportunities. With all of these perks, why wouldn’t you want a technical recruiter?


For what other reasons would you suggest a technical consultant have a technical recruiter? Let us know in the comments section below, or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


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