IT Consulting Rates

While the best-of-the-best technical consultants work for the challenge, we know that you don’t work for that alone. You need money to put food on the table, a roof over your head, and the latest gadgets in your pocket. That’s why we’ve compiled these articles and tools for you – to help you get your current market rate.


IT consulting rates Articles

Find out whether you’re more suited for a low, fair, or high technical consulting rate.


Learn two of the easiest ways of determining your market value.


Explore the five ways you can increase your IT consulting rate.


Don’t want to tank your application? Learn the three most commonly made mistakes related to IT consulting rates that will do just that.


If you don’t want to strain your relationship with the hiring company, don’t believe these 5 things about IT consulting rates.


IT consulting ratesTools

This worksheet will help you to determine your going market rate, taking into consideration things such as telecommuting, hot jobs, and part-time work.

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