IT Staffing Firms: When & Why You Need Them

People hear about IT staffing firms, but few it staffing firmsknow what they really do. And, unfortunately, even fewer understand when or why their company should contact one.

For technical staffing companies, this is a problem.

So what do we do? How do we make people more aware? Oh, you know. We write a blog post explaining why your company needs both consultants and IT staffing companies. It might not change the world overnight, but at least you’ll understand their importance. And that’s the most important thing, right?


1: You should reach out to an IT staffing firm when you are presented with none-core competencies.

Companies, just like people, have to decide what to be good at.  If you are a strong Hedge Fund company, but are thinking of developing a mobile app, you’re going to need an iOS developer. This means an outside individual.

Hiring an employee with the knowledge required to solve an issue is time intensive and costly, especially since you may not be able to test their abilities at no credit check loans people benefits. What do you do? Contact an IT staffing firm! Vendors will not only find the right person quickly but they will test the candidate’s abilities. They’ll make sure you have the right fit.


2: You should search for consultants for tax reasons

Your company’s accountants will frequently prefer that new software is developed by contractors for tax reasons. You’re not here for accounting tips, so we won’t bore you with the details. Talk to your account though, they’ll be able to explain this in greater depth.


3: You should reach out to an IT staffing firm when you need to solve an immediate problem.

No matter how good your technologists are, they will eventually be stumped by a strange, detailed problem. The kind of problem that could take days or weeks to solve, but that an expert in that particular technology could fix in an hour.

In this scenario, you’d need that technical expert immediately. On your own, it could take you weeks to find this person. If you reach out to an IT staffing firm, however, you could have someone in your shop within a day or two.


4: You should search for consultants when you need to find short-term solutions

If your company knows they only need a resource for x amount of time, a contractor can be a great solution. Why? Full-time employees most often have to go through extensive training sessions, but this is rarely the case for contractors. They can just start and go. No training period, no expensive benefits, no vacation time. They’ll be in and out, while you get a job well done.

IT staffing companies and consultants help solve tricky, time-sensitive issues. But technical staffing firms are useful for more than just that. They know technology, and as a result, will ensure you get the best possible fit for your organization. What’s not to love about that?


For those of you who have used a technical consulting firm in the past, why did you use them? For the aforementioned reasons? Were there other factors? Share them in the comments section below or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn!

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