Rate Determination & Negotiation

Fearlessly negotiate for your fair rate!

Can I ask for that rate? What happens if they are unwilling to give it to me? Do I walk away? Do I accept? 

Our “Technical Consulting Rate Determination & Negotiation Kit,” answers these questions. With this download latestphonezone, you’ll learn how to calculate your technical consulting rate as well as how to negotiate for it.
Our Kit includes:

  • “IT Consulting Rates: Determining Your Rate Worksheet”
    • This step-by-step sheet will allow you to estimate your consulting rate, taking into consideration hot jobs, telecommuting and part-time work.


  • “15 Tips for Negotiating Your Technical Contract”
    • This download gives you tips on negotiating your contract so that you can do so comfortably.

With our kit, you’ll learn how to negotiate for your personal rate.

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