People Services Coordinator

Location: Bar Harbor, Maine
Date Posted: 26 Oct, 2021

Our client is hiring a People Services Coordinator to support both new hires and employees by Representing the HR team. The People Services Coordinator builds strong networks and relationships internally and externally and demonstrates a high level of initiative and independence in their work as well as discretion and tact in representing the client in a positive and collegial manner. They strengthen the organization through supporting effective hiring, relocating, onboarding, and managing of applicants. Additionally, they will be the front-line support to employees who contact HR with various questions and requests for support.
Key Responsibilities & Essential Functions Time Allocation:
Acts as the primary Onboarding Specialist for new hires which includes, running reports, confirming onboarding documents are complete prior to hire, scheduling pre-employment physicals, verifying I-9’s and assisting our new hires with their onboarding needs. 
Submits all background screening to ensure compliance for candidates & affiliates
Assist and support orientation staff in preparing for New Hire Orientation
Communicates with candidates and recruiters, throughout entire recruiting cycle providing updates frequently.
Provides primary phone support as an HR Service Center to Employees who contact HR for various needs and ensure their need is met by delivery to the appropriate department/team.
Assist new hires with relocation/housing needs
Support development and implementation of the People Services through various process improvement projects
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:
Must have High School diploma or GED. Associates or Bachelor’s Degree is a plus.
Must have proficiency in MS Word, Outlook. Experience with Excel, PowerPoint or recruiting related software products (such as applicant tracking systems) is a plus.
3+ years’ experience working effectively in a fast-paced team environment in high volume, tight deadline conditions.
Self-motivated, proactive, dedicated and driven to succeed and contribute to their team’s success; takes initiative and follows-through. Offers innovative and constructive ideas to continue our team's success and efficiency.

Education: Bachelors Degree