Application Developer

Location: Freeport, Maine
Date Posted: 22 May, 2023

Must haves: 
4+ years Enterprise development experience
Node / React
RESTful API experience
OWASP principles and best practices

8+ years of experience developing web applications
5+ years of experience with e-commerce application development
3+ years of experience developing NodeJS applications
3+ years of experience developing ReactJS applications
Technical Skills and Qualifications:
2-4 year degree in Computer Science/technology is a plus
Security – Understanding of OWASP principles and best practices
JavaScript – POJS, ECMA (ES) & TypeScript
NodeJS – NPM, HapiJS, Express, & NestJS
ReactJS – Lifecycles, Hooks, Routing, State, HOCs & SFCs
Dev Utilities – MS VisualCode, GitHub & Git CLI
Build Utilities – Lint, Babel & WebPack
Unit Testing – Jest, Tape & React Testing Library
Browser – HTML, CSS/SASS, Accessibility, Debugging
Google Cloud (GCP) and Kubernetes experience is a plus
Strong understanding of the following concepts is crucial:
Request/Response Headers
JS Promises and Asynchronous execution flow
Browser Cookies & Local/Session Storage
Server vs. client side JS execution.
RESTful communication with APIs

Education: Bachelors Degree