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How To Avoid 8 Common Database Development Mistakes

You’re an old pro at developing databases, right? You know the ins and outs, and even the shortcuts that’ll save you time. But will those shortcuts really save you? Or will they eventually, one day, all come together and cause your database to crash? It’s a possibility. While you can take your chances, you can[…]

what is hadoop

What is Hadoop?

Though Hadoop has generated a lot of conversation in the past several years, there still seems to be a general confusion about the technology. In fact, it’s still so new and confusing that 1900 people, every month, Google, “What is Hadoop?” If you’re in this camp, wondering about Hadoop, don’t worry. Today, we will explain[…]

software metrics

Software Metrics

Determining the overall productivity of a dentist’s office is easy. All you have to do is look as far as the number of patients, their wait time, and their retention rate, before a picture starts to emerge. With an IT team, it’s a bit more complicated. You can’t just look at the number of hours[…]

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Benefits of Test-Driven Development

Businesses are constantly changing – and so are business requirements for software applications. Traditional development styles produce products that face significant maintainability challenges. Making one modification in a traditionally developed application can wreak havoc in ways that are difficult to predict. As a result, organizations hesitate to make necessary changes to software, impeding their overall[…]

secure development agile environment

Secure Development in an Agile Environment

Water and oil. Cats and dogs. Secure development and Agile environments.Everyone knowsthese things don’t mix. While the first two pairings are obvious, the later may need some explaining.  The reason that secure development and Agile methodology don’t mix is that the later hurts the former. Agile is focused on rapid and frequent deliveries with changing business[…]

service oriented architecture

Service Oriented Architecture: A Market Adaptation

Glance at the front page of the newspaper or listen to the opening bits of the nightly news. You can’t avoid it. It’s everywhere. America’s economy is struggling, unemployment rates are soaring and big business is looking to cut costs.  Companies are increasingly looking towards their information technology infrastructure as that go-to cost savings arena.[…]