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Not actively looking for a job? Still talk to a technical recruiter.

If you’re reading this, a technical recruiter has probably recently reached out to you even though you’re not actively searching for a job. What’s more is that you’re probably also wondering whether or not you should respond to their message. If both of the above are true, this means that, somewhere in your mind, you’re[…]

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10 Signs Your IT Project Is Failing

A couple of weeks ago, we wrote a blog post entitled “7 Reasons IT Projects Fail.”  If you read it (which you should, by the way), you know exactly why IT projects fail and how to prevent them from doing so. While that’s great and all, it doesn’t help you to spot a failing IT[…]

reasons why it projects fail

7 Reasons IT Projects Fail

Failure. No one likes it, and everyone tries to avoid it. Unfortunately, it’s been a popular topic of discussion in several tech savvy LinkedIn groups in the past several weeks. People keep asking, “How do I stop a failing IT project?” Before a technical manager can figure out how to stop a failing project, they[…]

telecommuting success

10 Tips for Telecommuting Successfully

Most people love the idea of telecommuting and who can blame them? I certainly can’t. Rolling  out of bed, throwing on a pot of coffee and starting work sounds a lot more appealing than putting on business clothes, sitting in traffic, and working in a cubicle all day. Or is that just me? I didn’t[…]


Why You Need LinkedIn as an IT Consultant

LinkedIn. It’s today’s largest, and most successful, business focused social media networking platform. Despite it’s ability to connect millions of people and help place thousands in new roles, a large number of people are still holding out on joining. A surprising number of technical consultants are included in this list of holdouts. Though not having[…]

status reports

IT Consulting Status Reports

Sure. There is a plethora of IT consulting opportunities out there right now, but you’re happy in your technical consulting role. You like your team, the challenging issues, and the atmosphere. You’d like to keep this contract running for as long as possible, but how do you do so? While bringing in donuts every day[…]

how tech consulting advances your career

6 Ways Technical Consulting Advances Your Career

When people first consider venturing into technical consulting, they weigh the pros and cons. The money they’ll make versus the lack of benefits. The starting of a new job every year versus corporate monotony. The one thing that technologists don’t often consider in these internal debates, however, is just how technical consulting advances your career.There[…]

tech interview tips

Technical Consulting: 10 Tips for Interviewing with the Client Company

You’ve made it past the application screening, and the client company wants to speak with you. Congratulations! There’s a lot you have to do to prepare for this interview. You have to research the company, and prepare your interview answers. You’ve got to make sure your interview clothes are wrinkle-free, and that you know where[…]