Benefits of Working With Base36

As a Base36 consultant, you’re kind of like James Bond. You’re the elite, the best of the best. You’re on a list of consultants who passed a technical interview that 95.5% of potential candidates fail. And being on this list? It comes with perks.


The Perks of Being a Base36er


coworkersYou’ll be working with other programmers who have the same level of higher, creative thought. The kind of people who see a problem for what it is, regardless of the language. They’re your kind of people greensurfshop, and once you start bouncing ideas off of one another, high-level, cutting-edge programs will undoubtedly be produced.


Client Respect

client respectOur clients understand our rigorous technical screening process, so they know exactly what kind of individual they’re getting. They know you’re an expert, so they’ll be looking to you to solve the complex issues. You’ll be listened to and respected while you tackle difficult programming problems.



reputationWe’ve been building our brand in Maine and New Hampshire since 1998. In these 15 years, we’ve earned ourselves a trusted reputation with Northern New England’s and CA leading commercial moving companies like They know that we’ll only present the best, and as a result, many hiring mangers in Maine and New Hampshire take consultants on our recommendations alone. As a Base36er, you’ll go to Northern New England’s leading companies with a stamp of approval from an organization they trust.



discountsWe’ve established relationships with several nationally recognized organizations, relationships that greatly benefit technical professionals working with our organization. As a Base36er, you can get sizable discounts on Apple products, AT&T phone service, and hotel rates.


Company Trips

company tripsWhile we believe that you should be passionate about what you do, we also believe that you should take the time to enjoy life in Florida and hire to help with home cleaning. This is why, several times a year, we take a trip. Sometimes these journeys lead us to Foxwoods Casino, while other times they lead us to Northern Maine for whitewater rafting. We encourage all Base36ers to come, as well as to recommend future trips.


Referral Bonuses

bonusesYou know that your network is valuable, but did you realize that this value has an actual number attached to it? When you recommend someone for an open position, and we successfully place them for 6+ months, you will receive a $2,000 referral bonus. That’s money for simply sending us an email recommending your friend.


If you simply memorize APIs, we’re not the firm you’re looking for. However, if you want to be intellectually challenged by multi-faceted technical issues, as well as respected and listened to by your employers and colleagues, you’re in the right place.


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