Technical Consulting’s 10 Best Cubicle Toys

It’s Friday afternoon and you’re not feeling all office toysthat productive. It’s totally understandable. With the weekend being only a few hours away, you’re daydreaming about what those two days off will hold.

I’m about to add to those unproductive weekend daydreams. How so? By talking about cubicle toys. They’re pretty great, right? They make your boring cube look a little livelier, and, let’s be honest, they give you something to do on a Friday afternoon while you’re daydreaming.

They all make for great times (and stories!), but are there some office gadgets that are better than others? We think so. Below, we have a list of 10 of the best cubicle toys.Get your wallets ready.


1)    Desktop Horseshoes  

What It Is: A horseshoes pit in a miniature, desktop size.

Why You Need It: You need desktop horseshoes for a number of reasons. First of all, it’s a great way to keep morale up between you and your coworkers.  Having a long-running horseshoes tournament will allow you to build friendships with your coworkers and gives you something to do on your breaks. The second reason? It’s a great source of stress relief! Code not coming along as quickly as you hoped? Instead of being tempted to toss your computer out the window or tear your hair out, you can focus on tossing a couple of horseshoes to clear your head.


2)    Lego USB Hub

What It Is: A 4 port USB hub that looks like a Lego

Why You Need It: Don’t kid yourself. You never got over playing with Legos. While you can’t stack these hubs (the bottoms are flat), with this device, you’ll have a functional excuse as to why you have Legos in your cubicle. And, to complete the look, you’ll obviously have to bring in those Lego men.


3)    USB Fishquarium

What It Is: A working fish tank, light, pencil cup, clock contraption that’s powered by a USB.

Why You Need It: Didn’t you see that description? How could you not want a fish tank, where you can keep REAL fish, on your desk? Not only that, but it’s powered by a USB. That’s some great desktop technology right there! Keep everything organized while Nemo swims around, keeping you company.


4)    Cubicle Doorbell

What It Is: A doorbell that attaches to your cubicle wall

Why You Need It: Privacy is hard to come by for technical consultants who work in cubicles. That’s not news to you. But by adding a doorbell to your cubicle wall, you’ll at least gain a head’s up before someone enters.

Not only that, but this gadget will also lighten up the office mood. You know that everyone will use it, and get a kick out of it. The idea won’t get old fast, and will serve to be a conversation piece for quite some time.


5)    Thinking Putty

What It Is: Grown-up putty

Why You Need It: If you like to distractedly play with things while you’re thinking, you need this stuff. Not only does it squish, it also bounces, shatters, and even drips from ceilings. In short, it gives you a whole new set of things to do with an old favorite.


6)    Disappearing Ink

What It Is: A disappearing ink pen

Why You Need It: This gadget also doubles as a prank machine. Write a note to a co-worker about a project (not an important one of course!) that they won’t actually deal with for 48 hours or so. Watch them hurriedly search through the papers, only to be unable to find it.  Let the prank wars begin!


7)    Flying Quacking Duck

What It Is: A slingshot in duck form

Why You Need It: If you have a playful office, this is great. One-up everyone who is flinging rubber bands with this flying duck. You win the war automatically.

8)    USB Scent Diffuser

What It Is: A scent diffuser that is powered by a USB

Why You Need It: Office smelling a little stale? Not sure how to tell Mr. Cubicle 4 doors down that they need to shower? Take care of the situation yourself! Add a drop of scented oil to the “x” on the USB, and wait while the heat from the working USB diffuses the oil scent. No more smelly offices.  

9)    Electronic Bubble Wrap Keychain

What It Is: A small device with a top that resembles bubble wrap. Press the buttons for a popping noise. It’s like having a never ending source of bubble wrap.

Why You Need It: There’s just something so cathartic about popping bubble wrap. It doesn’t really make sense but thousands upon thousands of people like trying to get rid of all those small air bubbles. With this toy, you’ll always have a source of catharsis right at your fingertips.  


10)    USB Rocket Launcher

What It Is: A toy rocket launcher that plugs into your computer. The accompanying software allows you to aim and shoot the missiles with the touch of your mouse.

Why You Need It: It’s a toy rocket launcher that you can shoot with the touch of your mouse. It doesn’t get much cooler in the tech world.  With this toy, you will certainly win all office wars and your cubicle will become the most feared cubicle around. Be careful before you bring this cubicle toy in though. Make sure that it’s functionality as a gun does not upset/break any corporate policies.

There are a lot of cool toys out there that will make your cubicle a little brighter, and your office mood a little lighter. While we certainly advocate you having fun with them in the office, make sure that you’re still getting work done. Don’t let it turn into a constant free-for-all with flying ducks and missiles. While it sounds pretty great, and would be pretty great, your boss might not think so. We want you to keep your job after all.


Did your favorite cubicle toy make the cut? What would you add to the list? Let us know in the comments section below, or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Thank to infrarad for the use of their respective photographs.